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Superior Standby Generator Systems

Automatic Backup Power For Home, Business, Commercial, Telecom & Industrial

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Reliability is our Top Priority

If it doesn’t run, nothing else matters…
We don’t recommend a generator because it’s popular, has brand recognition, or because we only have one brand to sell. We recommend for proven reliability, long-term dependable service, and what’s right for your needs. We have years of experience that we put to work for you, first and foremost.
It's Got To Work

It’s got to do the intended job.

We have unmatched knowledge and experience to do a better job of determining your needs and how best to achieve what you want and need.
- Superior System Design & turnkey installation
- Superior Equipment
- Superior Installation and attention to detail
– always improving through continuing education and training
- Superior Support after the sale.

That’s why we say: Lights On! Always.

It’s got to look good…

If we do it, it’ going to look good. Something in which you can take pride. Something that adds value to your home or business.
Too many generator companies focus on quick, easy and lowest cost to themselves. And their installations look like it. We operate to a higher standard, and a higher ethic. You’re going to live with this installation on your home for decades. It impacts the value of your home. It’s appearance. Your pride. We put in the extra effort. They Look Good. With RPM you get Higher Reliability, Higher Performance, and a Better-Looking Installation. That’s the Golden Rule. It’s how we’d want our home or business to be. That’s how we want yours to be.
Lights On! Always.

South Louisiana Standby Generators In New Orleans

Your one-stop shop for residential, commercial, telecom and industrial standby generator systems in South Louisiana and the Gulf South Region.

Seasoned Experts to handle all aspects of system sales, design, installation, and service.

If you are in South Louisiana and surrounding areas, you understand that a Reliable Standby Generator System is a must. We take away your stress. A weak, outdated, overburdened power grid. Acts of God. Power outages are all too common in our area. We design, sell, install, maintain, and service diesel, natural gas, and propane fueled generator systems of all sizes that automatically run your entire home, business, church, commercial or industrial enterprise during power outages. No Stress. No Worries. We’re here to make sure you have Lights On! Always.


We’re not your normal generator company…

We have over 40 years of combined experience

including in the Industrial, Data, and Telecom sectors, with clients including multiple Fortune 500 Companies. We bring that level of expertise and those exceptional standards and requirements to all of our customers, including residential and commercial installations. Having worked elsewhere, we were frustrated with companies that put the owner’s priorities first, not the customer’s; that put profits ahead of doing the job right.

Our desire is to do what’s right for you, what’s best for you. You’re depending on us. We take that with the greatest seriousness. Good, old-fashioned service never goes out of style.
LIghts on! ALWAYS ON!
When we do a system for you, we’re there to make sure it works right from the start, and continues to perform outage after outage, storm after storm.
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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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